Wide choice of menus, fresh healthy ingredients, skilfully & carefully prepared

Company Overview

“Our ethos and emphasis is on healthy eating and we firmly believe meals should always be as much of a pleasure to the eye as to the palate. Our ingredients are fresh, locally sourced products and skilfully prepared.”

AnnaBehind the Business

The culinary brain behind the enterprise belongs to Anna Corless who is as passionate about her business as she is about food. She believes the taste, flavour, texture and presentation of a meal should be a feast for all senses. However, she also maintains that just because something looks and tastes out of this world, doesn’t mean it has to cost the earth. Putting this philosophy into practise has gained Anna’s Kitchen a following of satisfied (and full) clients who just keep coming back.

Anna trained at Thames Valley University renowned for its excellent training in catering she gained a HND in Hotel and Catering Management and a BTec in Hotel and Institutional Management. After completing her training Anna travelled extensively, working her way round the world. She soaked up skills in the kitchens and restaurants of USA, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali and finally Australia. It was, she says, a wonderful experience, an unrepeatable opportunity to relish different cultures, cutting edge presentation and excitingly innovative cooking.

Returning home, Anna promptly put her culinary skills and management talent into action, rounding out her experience by working in a 5 star hotel, themed restaurants, an integral part of the opening management team of a private members’ Golf Club as well as taking control as Operations Manager for a large company with responsibility for directors dinning, staff restaurants, conferences and corporate VIP events.

She set up Anna’s Kitchen just over five years ago and since then has never looked back, creating memorable occasions for private and corporate events, parties and special celebrations.

More recently she has set up Anna’s Open Kitchen, which is a an exciting new venture into cookery classes with a difference. Recognising an opportunity to mix learning with pleasure, Anna has created a range of cookery classes for a variety of groups of people - cash-strapped students, working mums, kitchen-shy dads, ladies of leisure and busy bachelors among them - to enable them to acquire all the necessary skills to choose, prepare, cook and enjoy eating delicious food in convivial company. Anna relishes a hands-on role and is always fully involved with everything, from overseeing the purchase of the ingredients to the final presentation. Her quiet voice and calm, professional manner are guaranteed to help turn even a nervous novice into a confident chef!

Anna's Open Kitchen is THE way to enjoy the experience of cooking - from start to finish!